Integrate Online Ordering Into Your Business


OrderNext works seamlessly and can be deployed quickly, acting as its own point of sale.


Minimise the time your guests spend waiting in lines, giving them more time to enjoy the event.


Customers and Fans use their own phone to make and complete purchase – remove touch points and reduce risks.


Guests shop easily from their phones, orders are sent directly to your point of sale.


Increase the average guest spend while reducing checkout times – with cashless transactions.


Menus are easy to use and change, allowing staff to be creative about offers and revenue generating opportunities.

Food & Beverage

Allow fans and customers to browse menus and order directly from their mobile device

Allows venues to offer order-ahead menus for pickup, table delivery service menus, VIP menus for guests in specific locations and scan-and-go solutions for cashless, POS-less hawkers.

Sports clubs can create specific menus for away fans, family options or provide in seat delivery to fans in disability or VIP areas to prioritise those who need dedicated service.

  • Offer fan-friendly pricing
  • Apply member discounts
  • Display calorie count
  • Integrates with your POS or use our mobile system
  • Add gratuity to orders
  • Note nutrition and allergens
  • Pay with credit card stored in web browser or app
  • Leverage our upsell engine
  • Use Apple Pay or Google Pay

Guest Experiences

Offer guests and fans special and distinctive experiences that can’t be found elsewhere

Allows venues to create special or one-off offers that can be redeemed easily through the OrderNext platform. Experiences can be linked to sponsorship deals or time-limited to help increase conversion.

Venues that need to re-orient to new methods of booking appointments or controlling numbers in a certain space due to health concerns can create items to offer on a first come first served basis

  • Make items limited in number to drive redemption
  • Increase sale of high margin goods
  • Collaborate with sponsors
  • Make Fans and Customers feel Unique
  • Simple and Easy to create
  • Offer fan-friendly pricing
  • Use to manage inventory more efficiently
  • Offer exclusive experiences to VIPs
  • Simply Order, pay then redeem


Sports clubs, Business, Hotels – Any organisation that sells goods or services can create their menus or items, take payment via OrderNext and then complete the transaction with the purchaser.

Traditional selling points can be changed – any location that goods can be transported to can become a shop or distribution point – wider spaces, reducing queues and increasing sales via these ‘Virtual Concessions’.

Higher margin items can be prioritised and items can be grouped into packages to make them more attractive. Dedicated pick up points mean purchases don’t need to be put off due to inconvenience.

  • Conferences and conventions swag
  • Sell for pickup or delivery
  • Set discounted item prices
  • Create VIP member only merchandise
  • Integrates with your POS
  • Sponsorship tie ins
  • Contextual items, e.g ponchos, suncream etc.
  • Self-checkout for fans
  • Promote an item of the game